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Custom Transformer

  • The Custom Transformers offered by us are constructed according to automated design processes which are produced with the desired specification. We offer a range of transformers like power transmission transformers, 3 phase transformers, voltage converter power transformers, rectifier, generator, converter, traction, furnace, auto, earthing and other custom transformers. Custom transformer uses different voltage or electric power transmission over the long distances that is required by our clients and meets their unique requirements in most tailor-made fashion.

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    • Precision engineered
    • Durable
    • Low noise emission
    • Efficient performance
    • Power Transmission Transformers
    • 3phase Transformers
    • Voltage Conversion Power Transformers
    • For industries where power is supplied from alternating power grid to equipment requiring different voltage or where long distance transmission is required
    • Offer customized power solutions on turnkey basis comprising HT, LT, APFC Panels according to client specifications
    Manufacturing unit is facilitated with individual testing equipment like:
    • High Voltage Test Set (300kV)
    • Oil Test Kit (100 kV)
    • Motor Alternator Set for DVD Test
    • Capacitor Banks
    • Three Phases Variac and Single Phase Variac
    • Intermediate Transformer
    • Pressure Test Set
    • Testing Panel

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