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    We offer Three Phase Dry Type Power Transformer that offers low power loss and low noise. The product is apposite in structure; it is convenient in use and guardianship. After providing temperature auto-test System in transformer, it offers the ability of send alarm when over-temperature is reached also, automatic tripping due to over temperature. The dry type power transformer is guaranteed for safety of operations.

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    • Low power loss
    • Small volume
    • Light-weight
    • Low noise
    • Moisture proof
    • Pollution proof
    • Antic rack
    • Impulse resist
    • Flameproof
    • Strong overload ability
    • Less partial electric release

    The product is suitable for transmit and transform system

    • Hotel, restaurant
    • High buildings
    • Transmission lines
    • Commercial centers
    • Stadium
    • Petroleum chemical factory
    • Underground railway station
    • Airport and well drilling platform on sea, etc.
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