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High Voltage Power Transformer

  • High voltage transformer manufacturers in india

    We are well known in the market for premium quality high voltage transformers that match the international quality standards. They weigh less and exhibit high output efficiency. The secondary voltage of these transformers is more than the primary voltage. These high voltage transformers offered by us safely step up the voltages from one level to another and are easy to handle.

    The transformer working is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They are also used for high voltage applications that need 12 volt input. They have a reliable and a durable construction. Our expert personnel test the efficiency and performance of these high voltage transformers before supplying them to the market.

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    • Corrosion resistant build
    • Reliable and durable
    • Long working life
    • High quality and efficiency
    • Easy to transport
    • High voltage power supplies
    • Laser equipment
    • Air purification
    • X-ray machinery
    • Electrostatic cleaners
    • Ozone generation equipment
    • Particle accelerators
    High Voltage Transformer Suppliers

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