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    We are credited with manufacturing one of the most efficient Power Distribution transformers which is an electrical transformer for transmitting electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary distribution circuit. This also offers solutions when there is need to transfer current within a secondary distribution circuit or to the service circuit. These 5 KVA single phase to 2500 KVA three phase transformers reduce the voltage quantity of the primary circuit to the exact range of voltage desired by the consumer. The amount of this voltage keeps on changing and can be different for commercial consumers, residential consumers and light industry consumers.

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    • Power Distribution transformers can be single-phase or three-phase
    • Usually, single-phase transformers are used for residential applications
    • The three-phase transformers with a pad installed on them are used with an underground primary circuit, whereas three single-phase pole type transformers are used for overhead services
    • There are some distribution transformers, which can also offer network services. They are usually mounted in an underground vault. In this type of transformers, power is supplied through underground cables
    • One of the advantages of distribution transformer is that they have excellent capacity to withstand overloads
    Uses & Applications:

    Power Distribution transformers are widely used in various fields. Some of its common applications include:

    • Telecommunications
    • Sensitive electrical or electronic equipment
    • Data processing equipment
    • Transmission lines
    • Radar systems
    • Photocopying machines
    • Tool machines
    • Test control and measuring systems
    • Safety alarm and lighting plants
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