Industrial transformer

We manufacture and export a very efficient range of Industrial Transformers that is the result of most advanced technology used in the manufacturing process.

  • Double Radio Dry Type Transformer

    Power Transformer

    We manufacture a comprehensive range of Power Transformer, which essentially is a passive electrical device for transmission of power from one AC system to another. It has the capability to modify voltage from one level to another by means of magnetic induction.

  • Dry Type Power Transformer

    Dry Type Transformer

    Our dry type transformers are designed and manufactured with excellent quality raw materials and match the international quality standards. These transformers are air-cooled and exhibit features like flame resistance, high efficiency, and high electric intensity. Short circuit protection and maximum cooling is seen in our transformer due to accurate circular wound. Primary and secondary windings use electrolytic grade copper or aluminum windings. We use fine grade laminations and guarantee smooth functioning of machines.

  • Heat Treatment Transformer
    Heat Treatment Transformer

    We manufacture a very efficient range of Heat Treatment Transformers. These have been designed especially for the heat treatment industry to meet most diverse requirements. These transformers are meant for an 80% duty cycle and are fabricated with vertical cooling ducts within the coil windings.

  • Electrical Power Transformer
    Electrical Power Transformer

    We are one of the most reputed manufacturers of high tech Electric Power Transformers. Our transformers in this range are highly appreciated for energy transmission and distribution systems throughout the world. We offer large power transformers of both shell-form and core-form design.

  • High Voltage Power Transformer
    High Voltage Power Transformer

    We are well known in the market for premium quality high voltage transformers that match the international quality standards. They weigh less and exhibit high output efficiency. The secondary voltage of these transformers is more than the primary voltage.

  • Distribution Transformer
    Distribution Transformer

    We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Distribution Transformer that is essentially an electrical transformer for transporting electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary distribution circuit. This can also be used to transfer current within a secondary distribution circuit or to the service circuit. The distribution transformers reduces the voltage supply of the primary circuit to the amount of voltage desired by the consumer.

  • Step Up Transformer
    Step Up Transformer

    We offer a comprehensive range of Step Up Transformers that are fabricated using most advanced technology and excellent components.. They are easy to install have low partial discharge and are appreciated for noiseless operations. These products are available in different power capacities and customized solutions.

  • Step Down Transformer
    Step Down Transformer

    We offer ac very sturdy range of Step Down Transformer whose secondary voltage is less than its primary voltage. It is designed to reduce the voltage from the primary winding to the secondary winding. Step Down transformer “steps down” the voltage applied to it.

  • Furnace Transformer
    Furnace Transformer

    We manufacture a broad range of Furnace Transformer that finds application in supplying power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace-required lower voltage. The range is is energy saving with low power loss. The cooling modes are self-cooling mode, forced water cooling mode, etc.

  • Converter Duty Type Transformer
    Converter Duty Type Transformer

    We offer Converter Duty Transformers that offer critical solutions as a as set up transformer from generator to line voltage. Converter duty transformers have range up to 10 MVA with the voltage capacity of up to 33 KV. These are heavy duty transformers and have durable and hassle free features.. It comes with an automatic on/off cooling option.

  • Multi Tapping Auto Transformer
    Multi Tapping Auto Transformer

    The high quality range of Multi Tapping Auto Transformers has the competency to adjust to diverse voltages which makes them perfect for universal applications. The Multi Tapping Auto Transformer can be used in certain applications where the preferred voltage is marginally lower or higher than the voltages supplied by the existing transformer or facility power.

  • Isolation Transformer
    Isolation Transformer

    We design and develop a technologically advanced range of Isolation Transformers, that is reputed for low noise electric power for various sensitive equipment like mainframe computers, laboratory instruments etc.

  • Auto Transformer
    Auto Transformer

    Clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of Auto Transformer also going by the name of auto former. This electrical transformer has only one winding that has at least three electrical connection points called taps.

  • Transformer with LV Breaker
    Transformer with LV Breaker

    We offer Transformer with LV Breaker which is a very superior range of Heat Treatment Transformers. The LV voltage in these transforms varies as per client’s requirements and specific heat treatment applications. These are available with variable multi tapping voltage with high current transformers.

  • Equipment Transformer
    Equipment Transformer

    Equipment Transformers manufactured by us have current and voltage mechanism that find offers solutions in efficiently controlling varying of currents and voltages or for performing isolating function like isolating utilization current from supply voltage for guaranteeing protection to operators and end device that is in use.

  • Oil Filled Transformer
    Oil Filled Transformer

    The Oil Filled Transformers offered by us are highly appreciated for efficient performance and meeting client requirements in most amazing manner. We also offer customized options to meet specific requirements of clients. These transformers are offered in high voltage applications.

  • Switching Transformer
    Switching Transformer

    We offer a comprehensive range of Switching Transformer that have A switch mode power supply is typically operated from a D.C. source like battery to convert the input D.C. to other output D.C. sources. In the switch mode power transformer, one can control the amount of power delivered to the load circuit of the transformer by controlling the amount of “on time” and “off time” of the switches.

  • Three Phase Thransformer
    Three Phase Thransformer

    We design and develop a high quality range of Three Phase Transformers for use in three phase power distribution systems to facilitate a step up or a step down of voltages. We have designed the 3 phase transformer to allow three circuit conductors to carry three alternating currents with the one conductor as the reference and the other two circuits that are delayed in time by one and two thirds of the electric current.

  • Custom Transformer

    The Custom Transformers offered by us are constructed according to automated design processes which are produced with the desired specification. W design this range according to the exact specifications of clients to suit their most critical requirements.