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Transformer with LV Breaker

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    We offer Transformer with LV Breaker which is a very superior range of Heat Treatment Transformers. The LV voltage in these transforms varies as per client’s requirements and specific heat treatment applications. These are available with variable multi tapping voltage with high current transformers. Transformer with LV Breaker comprises Double Wound/Isolation Transformers, Ultra High Isolation Transformers and Custom Designed Transformers.

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    • Available in open, enclosed, oil cooled models to suit the customers’ requirements
    • Insulation class can also be selected by customers as per their requirements
    • Available on different voltage options
    • Medical equipment
    • Telecommunication equipment
    • Remote control equipment
    • Computers & peripherals
    • CNC machines
    • Analytical instruments etc.
    Oil Filled Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

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